Art Prize entry

Recently my painting “Storm Light” was selected as a finalist in the Paddington Landscape Art Prize held in SyChris delprattdney during October at Menzies Art Brands Gallery, in Sydney. The prize is acquisitive, and was won for the first time this year by a female artist, Margaret Loy Pula.

Another recent work ( from the series Holden Road) called “In This Gully” has been chosen for the Fisher’s Ghost Open Art Award held at the Campbelltown Arts Centre in November.

Art Prize entry

My painting “A Winter’s Day” was recently selected for the Muswellbrook Open Art Prize. It was an honour to be chosen as this prize is one of the earliest Australian Open Art Prizes.

Road Trip

In early December last year, I undertook a road trip to the Uppechris delpratt paintingr Murray region of Victoria and New South Wales to paint. The river had just started to recover from one lot of flooding; many trees were still flooded by the river and the landscape was amazing. Out of the time spent there, came a painting of a part of southern NSW, which included a section of the Murray River flats.

Upcoming Exhibition and Art Exchange

A great opportunity to Exhibit in new Art space in Queensland is coming up in the middle of 2011. I will be a part of an Exhibition by the TLF ( The Littlest Forum), to be held at Gataker’s Art Space in Maryborough, Queensland. This Exhibition will be titled EXCHANGE, and will include many artists from around Australia. Each year since the Forum began, there has been an exchange of artwork by Artists. As the work needs to be transported in the mail, the size is always quite small. It’s a wonderful opportunity to acquire a piece of work by an artist you admire.

Recent Exhibitions

During the last half of 2010, I’ve been fortunate to be included in the St. Patrick’s Flanagan Art Prize in Ballarat, and the Norvill Art Prize in New South Wales. The Flanagan Art prize is an Open Prize which includes any media, any subject, while the Norvill Art prize is specifically a Landscape Prize. Another exciting project for 2010 was being part of a Group Exhibition called NETWORK held at the Art Gallery of Ballarat from early December to end of January 2011. This exhibition included 38 Artists from four states, many varieties of media, from sculpture, to works on paper.

Past Exhibitions and Art Prize Inclusions

In the last few years, I’ve held a Solo Exhibition at the Maroondah Art Gallery in Melbourne. I’ve been selected a number of times for various large Art Prizes, including the Fleurieu Art Prize (Landscape Prize) based in South Australia; the Paddington Art Prize ( Landscape Prize), held in Sydney; the Darebin–Latrobe Art Prize ( Victorian Open Prize, any Media), held in Melbourne and the McGivern Art Prize (Open Prize for Painting ) - twice , held in Melbourne.